Travel Nursing Mission – Athens, GA

Discover Your City

Athens, or the ‘Classic City’ is one of Georgia’s best places to live. The city lies just an hour outside of Atlanta, and is quite the southern charm! Why should you land your next assignment in the heart of this city? Read through our rundown of things you can enjoy during your time in Athens, GA! 

‘Tours’ to a New Beginning

When starting out, you may be looking to get a glimpse of what all your new home entails – take a tour! Visitors are super common within this destination city, therefore many excellent tours, depending on your personal interests and preferences, are offered at all times of the year. Get started here!

Art & Culture Attractions 

Athens is very welcoming with a variety of vibrant art scenes. A ‘don’t miss it’ attraction, the Georgia Museum of Art, contains a permanent collection of more than 18,000 works of art and holds 20+ temporary exhibitions every year. You can learn more about the museum here. Besides this, here are a few other eye-catching attractions you can find throughout the city: 

Credit: Georgia Museum of Art

Dining Experiences

To even further feel the culture and charm of the city, Athens offers collective award-winning dining experiences that are sure to do just that. Below we have listed just a few of the many options to try out during your stay: 

Credit: OpenTable

Shopping & Entertainment Options

Your hard work is very deserving of a reward… or many rewards. Treat yourself with a day full of shopping! Shopping in Athens is an atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else. From handcrafted goods to vintage flair or high-fashion styles, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. 

If you find yourself in the downtown area, here are go-to shops to get you started!

Besides the variety that you can find downtown, there are also alternatives to explore. A staple for the city is the Georgia Square Mall. With a lower and upper level full of shopping, entertainment, and dining, we ensure you will not be bored. 

Don’t stop here! There is a crazy amount more to do in Athens that can’t fit solely in one blog post. Although, we do hope that this gives you a good start as you conquer your next travel nursing mission. We hope to see you in the Classic City soon! 

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