Travel Nursing Mission – Savannah, GA

Discover Your City

Savannah is the perfect city for many things… a romantic getaway, a weekend with friends, etc. But what about living there for a month or so, while working the profession you love? 

An amazing perk of travel nursing is the choice of where you get to spend your time. Today, we are going to run you through some amazing things to do while living in Savannah, Georgia. From Southern comfort brunches to museums, Savannah has it all! The city is very walkable, with attractions everywhere you look.

Starting Out

To begin your mission in a beautiful place with so much to see, we recommend taking a trolley tour! You can pick one through TripAdvisor based on your personal interests here: TripAdvisor Savannah Trolley Tours. Trolley tours generally will offer stops at different monuments, sites, museums, restaurants, pubs and more. This will give you a feel of your new, temporary home!

Work Days

Your long hours call for…coffee! Here are a few of the many local cafés to refuel: 

Credit: Foxy Loxy Cafe

Nights & Days Off


If you are attracted to arts and historical views, here are some of our museum recommendations for your day(s) off: American Prohibition Museum, Telfair Museums, Jepson Center for the Arts, Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum, Savannah African Art Museum and more.

Snacks & Desserts 

You deserve a treat! Check out this list we’ve put together of places to stop for goodies: 

Credit: TripAdvisor

Night Life

For a night out, Savannah has a range of things to do. There are bars, live music, lounges, night clubs, pubs and sports bars. Savannah has an open container law that allows you to walk around downtown historic Savannah with your beverage in a plastic container. 

Although we just scratched the surface, that doesn’t take away from the incredible amount that there is to do in Savannah. Once you arrive, jump right into it! It is easy to fall in love with this city, you may even find yourself extending your stay!

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