Safety Tips As A Travel Nurse

How To Guide

Being a travel nurse can come with the possibility of being alone at times or even at all times. As we are so excited for you to take on this new journey, let’s first make sure you are prepared and safe before you walk out the door! We’ve put together this simple guide to staying safe during your travel nurse adventures. 

Sharing An Updated Location

Whether it is a spouse/loved one, family member, or close friend, be sure to keep at least one individual up to date on where you are. It is important to create a timeline. For example, let them know when you are leaving and your ETA. Also, make sure they are aware of any stops that you make during your travel. If you feel comfortable enough, most cell phones give you the option to share your live location at all times with contact(s) of your choice.

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Agency Support

Similar to the last tip, your agency can also be a support system while you are on the road. Your agency’s first priority is to be certain that you are safe from any emergencies in your area or situations that may occur during your travel. Keep in contact with your recruiter as you travel and arrive at your assignment destination. 

Self-Defense Preparation

In the case that something does happen, you will want to be prepared with self-defense weapons that you are comfortable using. This could be pepper spray, self-defense designed keychains, flashlights, safety whistles, and/or any type of electroshock weapon. By having this plan in place, you should feel safer in the event of a situation. 

Smart Pitstops

It may seem like a given when driving, but it is in your best interest to make stops at places that are well-lit and busy. In the event you are approached by someone who makes you feel uncomfortable, you now have support around you to step in and help. If you do come in contact with others, be cautious in the information that you do give out. Especially leaving out things like where you are headed, where you came from, and that you are traveling alone.

Your awaiting mission should be just as safe as it is exciting. We hope this guide helps you prepare for your next safe and seamless adventure! 

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