Travel Nursing: During the Holiday Season

How To Guide

It is very common for Travel Nurses to work during the winter and take extended breaks before and/or after this season. Or, they may even just find themselves wanting to work during the holiday season rather than hoping for granted time off on a contract that overlaps throughout this time. PTO requests heighten which usually leave healthcare settings in need during the holiday season. Thus, a lot of these facilities turn to staffing agencies to fill these needs. Nurses who are willing and able to travel during peak holiday season often find themselves with a vast amount of beneficial opportunity. 

Increased Earning Potential

Probably the most expected…pay! In some cases, pay packages for travel assignments during the holidays can trend to be slightly higher than usual. As with everything in the industry, this can vary depending on the facility’s needs and staffing budget.

More often than not, these are the trends you can expect to see during this time:

  • Higher Bill Rates
  • Overtime Pay
  • Guaranteed Hours
  • Holiday Bonus or Rate 

Make A Difference

As always, any healthcare professional has the opportunity to make a difference. Particularly for end-of-the-year holidays, working over these days/times as a travel nurse can be an opportunity to make a huge impact for an individual, family, etc. This can go all the way from uplifting your patients with holiday cheer to bonding with your coworkers, to even saving a life. Bringing the spirit to your facility this season can do wonders in terms of making good, core, life changing memories not only for others, but also for yourself. 

Credit: Medely

New Connections & Friends 

This time of the year is known to bring people together. As previously mentioned, it is a great time to get to know your coworkers and other personnel. You may even find yourself making plans with these individuals outside of work! When you find others in the same boat as you are, schedules will often align when looking for plans besides a work day/night. In particular during the winter months, it may be fun to find a way to celebrate the holidays together. And just remember, this friendship also has the potential to turn into a lifelong connection! 

More Assignments! 

Hospital and facility staff are more likely to take their own breaks during the holidays This leaves a variety of shifts wide open for Travel Nurses to swoop in and cover. This leaves Travel Nurses with a wider availability in terms of different locations and oftentimes shorter contracts. This is a great opportunity to experience somewhere new! This could entail different holiday traditions, warmer or cooler weather, and plenty more. 

As we’ve discovered, working the holiday season is all about what you make of it. We hope your holidays are filled with smiles and joy, no matter where you celebrate from!

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