Travel Nursing: Halloween Costumes With Scrubs

How To Guide

Halloween is quickly approaching and it can be difficult to plan for with a busy schedule as a travel nurse. Let us do the work for you!

We’ve created some fun, easy costumes for you and your fellow travel nurses to wear this Halloween. The best part is, you already have the first necessity for the costume… scrubs! Scrubs make an excellent base for plenty of creative and fun costumes.

#1 Pumpkin

Keep it super simple – grab your orange scrubs and a green headband! This easy look will automatically put you in the spirit this Halloween season. 

#2 The Incredibles 

Embrace the incredible hero that you are! Throwing together the following will have you dashing around, saving the world in no time:

  • Red Scrubs 
  • Black Tutu 
  • Black Eye Mask 
  • Black Gloves 
  • Yellow/Gold Belt 

#3 Police Officer

Busted! Enforce the rules this 31st. Easily transform your nurse look into a cop costume with the addition of a badge and hat!

#4 Black Cat

A classic. Who doesn’t love superstition during Halloween? All you’ll need for this look is black scrubs, cat ears, and whiskers or a face mask!

#5 Top Gun

Top Gun fans, this is for you! A huge trend this year and bound to be a hit. Find your green scrubs & black aviators, you’re ready to fly out!  

#6 Bunny

Hop into Halloween dressed in pink scrubs and bunny ears. 

Pro Tip: Add in black sunglasses and batteries for the Energizer Bunny look! 

#7  Bumblebee

Bees may scare you, but they make for a buzzing costume! All you will need is: 

  • Yellow and/or Black Scrubs 
  • Antenna Headband 
  • Black Shades 

#8 Santa Claus 

Wrong holiday? No way! Santa Claus is a great halloween costume, especially for Christmas lovers! Here’s what you’ll need for the look: 

  • Red Scrubs
  • Black/Gold Belt 
  • Santa Hat
  • Black Shoes

#9 Sailor 

Sink or swim? We guarantee you will be swimming in this fun costume. Get on board with some blue or navy scrubs, a neck scarf, and a sailors hat! 

We hope that we’ve inspired you to style your scrubs this Halloween! Remember to check out your hospital’s costume rules if you will be working on the 31st. Spook you later!

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