Travel Nursing – Housing Considerations

How To Guide

Travel nursing comes with immense benefits, choosing your location of work, flexible hours, extra income, and more. But, traveling also comes with the not-so-fun task of finding housing. It can be hard to find the perfect place when trying to balance amenities, rent payments, laundry facilities, location and more. 

We have put together a guide to run through when choosing your next stay. 


There are many things to think about when viewing the location of your potential home. Some of this may depend on your lifestyle, but there are also a few general questions to ask yourself. 

  • How close is my accommodation to the area I will be working in? 
  • Is there public transportation available nearby?
  • What is in close proximity to me? Think restaurants, grocery stores, etc. 
  • How safe does this area tend to be?


This will also depend on your specific way of life, but it is important to know what you will have available to you at your stay and what value these amenities will bring to you. Here are some to consider: 

  • Laundry: Washer & Dryer
  • Kitchen: Dishwasher, Stove, Microwave, Fridge
  • Gym: Workout Space/Facility 
  • Other: Pool, Clubhouse, Lobby, Parking

This could also vary depending on the type of housing you are interested in, for example an apartment rather than a house. Either way, whichever route you choose should be one that provides you with the most efficient use of your amenities. 

Credit: Volunteers of America


It is important to analyze the policies/regulations that are upheld at your new accommodation. By this, we are really speaking on the stuff that could make or break a stay for yourself. It is vital to really reflect on the following: 

  • What does the payment process look like? Is there a security deposit?
  • Are there any pet policies? If so, what do they entail? 
  • Ask for references from previous tenants. Not all places will have this to provide, but it is a good idea to still try and get a feel for any of the following: the property, tenants or neighbors, the landlord and/or property manager, etc. 

With all of these considerations in place, it is also important to be speaking about this with your agency concurrently. Depending on the agency you may see some or all of the following: 

  • Housing Stipends
  • Housing Search Assistance
  • Additional Benefits 

Navigating the process will be much easier if you come prepared with an organized guide of wants, needs, budgets and questions. Be sure to also prioritize communication with your agency, network and whomever else may be involved (i.e. property managers). We hope these tips will help make your next housing search seamless! 

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